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A Little bit About us.

From the streets of NYC a star is born. Game Over the official gear for the underground grassroots baller.

When we founded Game Over® we set out to provide gear for those who see ball as a way of life. The 10 year old that takes the rock to bed with them, the sixteen year old that gets up and shoots 500-1,000 jumpers every morning, the 19-year who spends their summers tightening up their footwork for the up-coming season. The grassroots ball junkie who just can’t get enough. Whether it’s the street game, the college game, or the pros, WE ARE ONE! The common thread that runs through us all is the respect for the game and its roots.


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We would enjoy hearing from you on what we’re doing right, what we can improve on, and anything that we should consider to make the Game Over experience better for you.

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We have their attention... If all we teach them is how to play basketball, We have failed as a company. Game Over!
— Eric A. Hicks, President